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PT Coupling

PT Coupling Co. Inc. 

Ph: 800-654-0320 Fax: 800-828-2649 www.ptcoupling.com

American Made Cam & Groove Fittings and Hose Couplings in Aluminum, Hard Coat Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Brass, Monel, Hasteloy C; available in the 8 Basic Parts and Jump Sizes from 1/2 inch; to 12 inch;. 1-1/2 inch ”, 2” and 3” Dry-Break Adapters, Drop Elbows and API Valves for the Petroleum Transportation Industry. Industrial Hose Assembly Tools (PTS8 4” Crimper, Rolite Power Assist Hose Assembly, TA-3 Tensionair Pneumatic Banding Tool and Full Line of HoseMarc Flat and Rotary Electric Engravers), Banding, Strapping Crimping and all Related Components and Accessories. All offered through PT Coupling’s Northwest Warehouse.

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Fill-Rite/Sotera ; A Div. of Tuthill Transfer Systems (www.tuthill.com)

Ph: 800-634-2695 Fax: 800-866-4861- www.tuthill.com

Fillrite (www.fillrite.com) offers American Made Heavy Duty Fractional Horsepower AC/DC Powered Fuel Pumps, Hand Pumps, Meters and Accessories for the entire Commercial Fueling Industry.

Sotera (www.sotera.com) offers American made Air and Electric Powered Diaphragm Pumps for the entire Commercial Industrial Industry including DEF, Agriculture and General Chemical Applications. Heavy and Continuous Duty AC/DC Powered Stainless Steel DEF Pumps, Meters and Accessories. Weights and Measures NTEP Certified Precision Meters (formerly Fluid Power Products or FPP) from 40 to 200 GPM in Aluminum or Stainless Steel for Fuel, Chemical and LPG. Unique Fuel Sentry System for Monitoring Refined Fuel Usage.


Vapor Systems Technology, Inc. 

Ph: 937-704-9333 Fax: 937-704-9443 www.vsthose.com

Best in Class Retail Refined Fuel Delivery Hose Assemblies, Breakaways (one time or re-connectable) and Dispense Nozzles for both the CARB, Non CARB Stage II and Conventional Refined Gasoline Dispensing Markets. Low Perm Hose and UST Pressure Management Systems for all Markets; CARB, Stage I, II or Conventional.
* Certificate Based Installation, Testing and Service Training Available.


Fiber Glass Systems UL Division, An NOV Company

Ph: 501-568-4010 - Fax: 501-568-4465 www.nov.com

Click Here To Visit Fiberglass System's Web Site.
FGS RTIIA “Smith” and FGS Dualoy 3000L & 3000LCX “Ameron” UL971 Piping Systems and Entry Fittings Click Here To Access Training Videos

* Certificate Based Installation Training Available.


Lincoln Lubrication, an SKF Company (www.skf.com)

Ph: 314-679-4200 Fax: 314-679-4359 www.lincolnindustrial.com

General Lubrication Equipment Systems and Components for moving and measuring Viscous Automotive Oil and Grease. World Class Pumps, Hose Reels, Meters, Dispensing Handles, Waste Oil Management Systems, Components and the LFC5000 Fluid Dispensing Systems for Managing, Automating and Accounting in the Auto Dealership Market. A complete line of Accessories including the Lincoln Family of Battery Operated Grease Guns in 12V. 14.4V, 18V available with Ni-Cad or Lithium Batteries.


PMP Corporation

Ph: 800-243-6628 Fax: 888-674-0196 www.pmp-corp.com

Remanufactured in America Printers, Pumps, Meters, Mechanical Computers and Non- Computers, Cash Drawers, Metering Valves, Power Resets and more for the Retail Fuel Equipment Industry. Other Products include: Monochrome Displays for Gilbarco and Wayne, TLS Sump Sensors, TLS Keyboards, TLS Status Lights, TLS TCP/IP Interface Modules, Aggressive Fuel Repair Kits for Blend Valves and Meters, Rapid Fire Pulsers for use with Commercial Card Systems.
A Veteran Owned and Operated Company.

Alemite Alemite LLC, an SKF Company, an SKF Company (www.skf.com)
PH: 800-822-4579 Fax: 800-648-3917 www.alemite.com

A full line of World Class Lubrication Equipment including Battery Operated Grease Guns, Oil and Grease Pumps, Reels, Control Valves and Meters. Aero Space Grade Fittings, Fluid Management Systems, Compressed Air Components and a variety of Lubrication Specific Accessories.

cimtek petroleum

Cim-Tek Filtration, Central Illinois Manufacturing 

Ph: 217-693-6555 Fax: 217-678-2611 www.cim-tek.com

American Made Spin-On Refined Fuel and Hydraulic Filters. Gravity through 500 GPM. Spin-On Adapters, Pre-Vent Cap, Tank Dryer, Tank Sampler, DEF Filtration. Featuring the New Multi-Fuel Filter for Ethanol Blends or Neat Fuel.


Duro Manufacturing, Inc.

Ph: 800-866-3876 Fax: 775-687-8877 www.durohosereels.com

American Made Industrial Hose Reels. Hand Rewind, Spring Rewind, AC-DC EXP Proof Motor Rewind. Reels for Water, Air, Fuel, Lube, Agriculture Products, Welding, Electric Cable and Static Electricity Discharge Reels. A full line of Air Water Dispensing Towers.


Vaporless Manufacturing, Inc.

Ph: 800-367-0185 Fax: 928-775-5309 www.vaporless.com
Best in Class Mechanical and Electronic Line Leak Detectors for 3GPH/10psi EPA Required Catastrophic Leak Detection, Mechanical Overfill Prevention Valves for AST’s. Leak Detector Testing Equipment. Unique ancillary Systems and components for overcoming a variety of Leak Detection related line pressure anomalies. CFOSI Systems (Coordinated Fuel Oil System Integration). Nitrogen Blanketing Systems.
* Certificate Based Installation and Testing Training Available

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